A Versatile Back-Office Accounting Package for Stock and Commodity Exchange Brokers.

The main features of the software are mentioned below:

• The software is window based using the latest technology with instant view facility as in Windows Explorer and with the facility of instant e-mailing of multiple reports like Contracts, Net Position, Bills, Sauda Register, and Financial Ledgers etc. to your clients. All the reports can also be exported to Excel format.

• Versatile User Management and security levels.

• Back-Office software for BSE/ NSE/ NCDEX / MCX /ICEX/ MCXSX/ NSEFX/ USE/ NMCE / NBOT/ DGCX/ COMEX / and NSEL etc.

• Versatile Brokerage calculation for same day trades, trading between the contract period and delivery based contracts. Different Brokerage Commodity wise/Lot wise/Flat. Period wise brokerage slab so that even if there is any change in brokerage percentage or round off from a particular date the previous slab will be unchanged and any billing done in the previous period is calculated on the basis of brokerage prevailing on that day. Branch Brokerage sharing with multiple hierarchy level of Regional Branch/ Sub Branch/ Franchisee/ Sub Broker etc on fixed/percentage wise or slab wise sharing.

Daily Activity Statement – A complete statement for the client (Daily/period wise) which contains Cash/Bank transaction, Trade Confirmation, Net position, Open Position, Open trades, Margin requirements, Financial Statement for the period specfied.

Margin Statement – Statement showing Client M2M, Margin and closing Balance with Open Position for the particular day.

Net Position, Sauda registers, Brokerage registers - Commodity wise, party wise across multiple Exchanges. This reports can also be user defined

• Net Holding statement client wise, commodity wise across multiple exchanges with M2M values and trading P&L.

• Mark to market rates, and daily margins, delivery margins can be automatically uploaded from the terminal to the BackOffice software.

• Complete financial accounting up to Balance Sheet.

• Zooming facility from reports till transaction level.

• Bank Reconciliation.

• All reports are Draft based for faster, efficient & cost effective printing. All reports can also be saved in Excel format. Trades can be exported for clients/sub brokers for their back office use.

• The Softflow team comprises of personnel’s having over 12 years experience in development of Share Brokers and other allied Software.

II. ShareLinks WEB : Web Login for Brokers Branches and Clients.

Web enabled application wherein the branch/ sub broker/ client can view the following reports on the net in real-time:

1. Party wise Net Position
2. Bills
3. Trades
4. Ledger
5. Party Outstanding
6. Party Margin Statements.
7. Daily Activity Statement.

Branch can also enter Clients Paying / Payout, and new Party addition from Web.
To view the demo of the above –

1. Select Year as 2009 login as Branch , enter User name as mys1 and Password as 123.

Select Exchange as MCX, wait for some moment and select sub exchange as F&O, enter the period as 2/04/2009 to 30/04/2009, select the report type and press Submit.

III. ShareLinks RMS : Online Risk Management System for MCX/NCDEX brokers.

Risk Management System for brokers provides online risk management for MCX/ NCDEX brokers.

1. Secured Login based on Admin (Complete)/Branch/Group of Branch/Client/Relationship Manager.
2. Online Mark to Market profit/Loss and Margin calculation of all the Open trades at that time with instant display of Net requirement from the client.

IV. ShareLinks Document Management System

An exhaustive Document Management System which provides an Audit Trail of the Documents to and from Branch to HO of Application Forms etc.

V. Payroll Accounting System

Employee Attendance and Holiday accounting with Payslip generation and related reports as to PF, ESI etc.