Salesman tracking and ordering systems


It has been observed that there is a certain level of mistrust between a company’s management and its sales team. This is more prominent in smaller sized companies where the owner himself is heading most of the business operations.

For smaller business owners GPS in a mobile phone is something which they love to use extensively. Getting real time location of your field sales can give a feeling of assurance rather than wondering if it’s a problem with the sales team or something else.

Salesman tracking and ordering system is an android based app which has been developed to track the exact position of salespersons by facilitating them to take the order on real time bases. This app has been designed by keeping in view of needs of the customer at minimum price.


• Track real-time position of the Salesperson.
• In application salesperson can enter orders and customer details.
• Capture Speed, Location & other info on a map
• Attendance Marking
• Measure both distance travelled & the route taken
• Locations Visited ,Track Date/Time
• Schedule visits & track the time deviation of the person
• Integrate with your existing ERP & enterprise applications
• Custom Reports, business intelligence reporting in-line with your requirement. View reports Google maps.
• Cannot be reset by the sales man (control is with sales manager)
• Track your agents, make them deliver more productively and keep check on costs of conveyance.

How this app is beneficial for you??

Task and schedule management: Enables the effective and easy handling of time consuming administrative tasks.
Productive and Non Productive calls: Helps to analyse productive and nonproductive calls of the salesperson in specific time duration.
Real-time availability of customer relationship manager data: Improves customer management and effectiveness by providing the sales force with updated and instant customer information and analytics.
Timely access to business intelligence and sales analytics: Strengthens sales managers’ decision-making ability by showing them how well their teams are performing.
Customer collaboration and interaction activities: Helps salespeople fine-tune their sales approach by including customers in product conversations and decision-making.
Remote coaching and information exchange activities: Helps experts solve problems during customer interactions, encourages the exchange of ideas, and develops sales skills.
Product wise Sales bifurcation: Individual product sales report can be generated for particular region, distributor etc..


I ERP at HO:
• Locations – Zone, State, Region, District, Place
• Distributors - Mapped to location
• Retailers – linked to distributors, route definition
• Sales Staff – Sales Manger, Regional Sales Manager, Sales Officer, Sales Staff etc.
• Product related – Brand, Main Category, Sub Category, Packing etc
• Price List Slabs – Different Price list slabs at Distributor level, Regional Level
• Scheme Master – Scheme on Amount or Qty at Distributor Level , Regional Level.
• Scheme on individual Item, Group of Items, Brand, Category.

II Application on Android based TAB:
• Salesman login details
• Salesman attendance marking – with Day start and end marking
• Salesman schedule for the day – selection of distributor and route to work on
• Items and Price List will be updated in the TAB on the basis of distributor selected.
• Offline order entry –Orders received from retailers can be saved offline and updated to the server when net connection is available.
• Order entry
- Is designed for easy and fast entry – with price list like interface.
• -Orders can be entered in pieces and kgs which will auto convert into the other unit. Ex. If an item XYZ 100gms can be ordered as 10 pieces or in 1Kg.
• -Rates can also be entered per piece or per kg.
• New Retailer entry with GEO Location tagging and route definition.

III. Web Application for HO, Sales Staff, Distributors
• Online tracking of Salesman
• Sales staff working and detailed Order Analysis on the basis of Zone/State/Region/District/City/Distributor and Product wise on the basis of Brand/ Main Category/ Sub Category/ Packing etc.
• Productive / Non productive calls report.
• All the above reports can be viewed
- At HO level for all Salesman/ Distributors data
- At Distributor level for his sales.
- By sales staff to view his data/performance.
• -Dashboard and Scoreboard – for comparison of sales of current month/ previous month with graphical representation.
• Various other MIS reports

IV. ERP application at Distributors end
• Item Master will be auto updated from HO with price List and schemes.
• Purchase vouchers will be updated from HO to distributors ERP.
• Orders taken by Salesman on Tab will be updated in distributors ERP.
• Distributor can keep data of other agencies/companies in the same ERP.
• Billing can be done in PCS as well as KGS.

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