This App is useful for Billing and Inventory control for :

Supermarkets Fast Food Corners Bakeries Kirana Shops Stationery Shops
Franchisees Gift Shops VAN Sales Vegetable & Fruit Shops Wine / Liquor Shops

The settings and Company information can be changed from Admin Panel. Admin User id is "Admin"and password is "1234". (Check for the exact case while entering.) Id of User is User and password is user. (Check for the exact case while entering.) New Users can be added from the Admin Panel.

Import of Items/ Parties is possible from csv format from ADMIN PANEL.(Download the sample Item file from (Download the sample Party File from www.softflowsystems.In/app/import_party.csv)

Export of Items, party and daily working to Tradelinks ERP or any other accounting software/ERP is possible from ADMIN Panel.

Items can be entered manually / imported from csv/ Imported from Tradelinkss ERP. Items can be grouped in Brand, Category and Sub Category for easy retrieval / reporting.

Items can be given a slab : 0-No Slab - Where on selection of Item the name will be displayed in Item selected window with default qty as 1. 1-Slab for Nos. - Where on selection of item the Qty to be selected panel will be displayed wherein the qty has to be selected. 3-Slab for Kgs. - Where on selection of item the Qty to be selected panel will be displayed wherein the qty in Kg (10g to 50Kg) options are displayed for selection.

Party Master can be created for maintainance of Debtors and Creditors Outstanding.

Sale/Purchase Entry - Easy POS type entry format for selection of Items on the basis of Brand, Category, Sub Category. Items can also be selected by entereing Item Code, Item Name wise search. Bar code reader can also be incorporated. Bill printing is tested on Bluetooth enabled printers supporting EPSON EOS Commands.

Rate change can be done while Sales or Purchase entry.

Stock Check - For Stock checking Brand/Category/Sub category wise. Purchase Order can be generated for Items to be ordered.

Pending Bills - Pending Bills of Parties can be maintained and the receipts can be made in Cash/Chq./Credit Card or in multiple pay types.

Easy integration with Tradelinkss ERP (see / Other accounting softwares or ERP.

If there is any support required kindly mail your queries to or call on 919370967627, 919373103689.