Main Features

• Versatile User management and rights allocation. – User rights for add, edit, delete, check and approve. –   Updation limit in Days so that the user has the right to edit a particular voucher for current day or certain   days. Locking of individual series etc till a particular date. Startup menu definition for the user. Option for   WEB login and rights for the same.

• Vouchers :
  Multiple series for all vouchers – Vouchers entry format can be defined at client end with option for   renaming, adding or removing fields. – Cost centre wise/ Godown wise voucher definition so that the   vouchers for that Godown/Cost centre only will be generated, edited and displayed at user end. - Printing   format for individual vouchers can also be defined at client end.

• Voucher wise Expense profile setting at clients end.
  – calculation on qty, amt or after tax or on any other expense.
  -calculation of expense can be defined differently for items, brands, categories, packing etc.
  -calculation of expense can be defined party wise viz say different freight for different party.

• Next and Previous voucher tracking from each voucher listing.

• Check and Approval rights are optionally available for each vouchers.

• VAT, Excise, Service Tax and other taxes can be defined at the clients end.

• Report writer – Query based report writer which can be defined at the client end for various extra reports   required.

• Favorite reports – In all reports columns can be added from field chooser, removed, grouped and sorted   and a new report can be saved in favorites for future use.

• All reports can be exported to PDF, emailed and sent as SMS.

• All Vouchers can be printed, emailed, exported to PDF/WORD/EXCELL.

• SMS can also be sent for all vouchers/reports and the parameters can be defined for the SMS i.e. the   matter to send, the persons to whom it has to be sent etc.

• Web based Scorecard, Dashboard for remote viewing of reports by clients, office staff, sales staff etc.   Order entry etc. can be done at clients end or by sales staff.

• Android based application for clients, sales staff and office staff to view ledger, pending bills and other   reports. – to add orders.

• Images, documents pertaining to that voucher / masters can be maintained for easy viewing. Viz. say the   Order and design received from the client can be attached at the time of order so that any user or at any   time the related document is available. It can also be used to save design of Items, documents related to   client or employees biodata, photo etc.

• Detail Log maintenance of each user`s day to day work, Add, edit, delete of any entry is recorded with   detail.


Locations – Zone, State, Region, District, Place wise reports and analysis
Sales Staff hierarchy – as followed by the organization viz. RM, SO, SM etc.
Distributors complete information and classification on various criteria. Location Mapping – Salesman   Mapping – Target allocation. Detail analysis and comparison of Sales. Target to Actual.
Scheme and Discount slabs party wise, region wise and on performance basis.
Dashboards and Scoreboards for detail analysis with graphs on WEB as well as desktop.
Salesman DSR, scheduling and performance tracking.
Additional android tab based application for Salesman tracking and ordering.
Sales pipeline / CRM – Generate Leads – Leads stages from New – Prospect to Client.
Annual / Half yearly / Quarterly and Monthly reporting.
Enquiry – Quotation – Order – DM – Billing etc.


Location / Department wise stores management
Indent generation
Enquiry / Quotation/ Purchase Orders / GRN / Quality check / Purchase Invoice 
Stores Issue / Store Receipt / Stock Transfer
Stock Statements / Valuation / Ageing / Movement/ Reorder Levels.
Vendor Evaluation on Quality and delivery time.


Cash / Bank / Journal / Dr.Note/ Cr.Note Vouchers
Cost centre wise costing.
Financial books
Multiple year and Multiple Company financial reports
Debtors and Creditors Pending / Ageing and analysis. 


Production Planning Monthly / Order wise
Generation of Material Requisition slip for RM/PM
Production process as per organization need with QC marking at defined stages
Batch Manufacturing Report for Food and Pharma companies.
WIP report at each stage.
Production analysis and performance tracking.


Employee data with complete increment details from joining.
Permanent / Temporary / Contract workers
Leave data management
Daily attendance marking from various sources.
Loans and deduction heads can be defined at clients end.
Pay slip generation as per Factories Act / Govt. organization etc.
Various reports required by different departments and as per different acts. Viz. Attendance registers as   per Factories Act. PF and ESI Statements as per the individual departments.